Motivational Speaker

Evan expertly delivers motivational speeches and presentations using his adversity story. He leaves the audience with valuable life lessons that they can apply in their lives and businesses.  Recipients of his presentations leave ready to take their personal and professional lives to a new higher level than they ever imagined, making Evan a sought after speaker by meeting planners and conference organizers.

Business Speaker

Evan’s business presentations are unique compared to most other speakers as he focuses on the important details in running a business, principles that he has discovered after starting and successfully running various businesses in his 40+ year business career. He talks about the things that create the Piper Business Performance System, a system that he created and can be applied to most any business, that are small and medium size companies.

Training Workshops, and Retreats

Evan has developed standardized, as well as customized programs that are delivered through trainings, retreats and workshops to put knowledge into the hands of various groups in different settings. He is able to deliver a workshop on business performance as depicted in the Piper Business Performance Program.  In addition, he is able to create customized training workshops and retreats that will target and tackle specific challenges a client might be encountering that they want to explore deeper and solve.

Training Topics

Evan and his team are able to deliver specific training topics through programs, workshops and retreats on various subjects.  His personal and motivational related topics have to do with success principles and personal development that set the stage for being able to take your personal and business life  to a higher level.  His business topics focus on success mindset, business basics such as profitability, accounting,  marketing, human resources, progression planning, exit strategy and many other business topics.  In addition, he can combine his signature topics with specific goals in your company to create customized training topics and programs to target the relevant needs of your company.

Mastermind Groups

Evan facilitates various mastermind groups for participants at many levels regarding personal and business matters.  His personal related groups focus on like-minded individuals wanting to apply success principles to their lives to bring themselves to a higher level with regards to their personal and business success.

His business mastermind groups include businessman and executives that are highly successful who are looking to bring their companies to another level of excellence, profitability and greatness by combining the experience of the other highly effective members of their group.  This comes to fruition with Evan’s expertise as a mastermind facilitator combined with his many years of business experience running many businesses in various industries.

Coaching Program

Evan and his team offer various coaching programs to help you with a wide array of personal and business goals.  Our coaches in the personal arena focus on supporting you and making you accountable for your desired results in mindset and success.  Evan and his team of business coaches can help you achieve your business goals.  They will hold you accountable to ensure you are implementing your individualized plan in an expedient and effective fashion. Evan and his coaches come from a wide and diverse background in the business and personal development fields.  There is sure to be an Evan Piper coach that will be able to resonate with you personally and have the expertise to deliver excellent results.


“We Love To Help Our Clients To Achieve Higher Levels Of Success And Happiness In Their Lives.”

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